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02 December 2013 @ 08:57 am
of darkness and light  
Title: Of Darkness and Light
Pairing: Gemma Teller/Nero Padilla
Rating: PG13
Summary: Something short about Gemma's dark soul and Nero's kind heart.


With a gasp she awoke, startled by another nightmare. The crows in her room called to each other, grim and dark noises that should have made her anxious, but instead left her feeling calm. Those birds had no knowledge of day or night, and she sometimes found them awake when the night was at its darkest. Gemma sighed. Closing her eyes, she tried to reason with herself, tell herself to go back to sleep, but it was no use. Her dreams where filled with darkness, the ghost of John Teller watching over her, the sound of Clay Morrow's fist against her cheek the only sound she could hear. Cursed by the men she had come to love, Gemma turned to lie on her side, to face the new man she had come to trust. Hoping that he wouldn't haunt her dreams someday.

Nero had his back turned to her, and in the darkness, her eyes traced his skin. The black cross, the God having his back no matter what. She had never believed in God. In moments of weakness, she had tried to turn to him in the past, but it had never ended well. Nero's beliefs were strong, maybe stronger than his belief in himself. But she had come to like that about him, the way he seemed to think that he was forgiven for every single sin he had ever done. She wished she could be like that. Confess everything bad she had done and then walk out into the world with relief. But Gemma wasn't like that. Sometimes she thought that she liked how mean she was. She liked all the cruelness and lies and betrayal. Usually she would tell herself that it was in her genes, but maybe it was just her. She was the bad one. The bad heart, the dark soul, the evil kind. When everything fell apart around her, she was usually the reason. And she was usually the one left standing strong.

She reached out and traced the black cross on Nero's back, making him stir a bit. He was so warm. So kind. From the second she met him, he had been nothing but nice. Sweet. Lovely. She wished she could soak up some of his kindness and be better. Meeting him was a blessing, and laying there next to him, she hoped that maybe she could change. Maybe someday her lies would stop. Because she had found herself unable to lie to him. The thought of him leaving her was scary. She knew that he wanted to get away. From the club, from the lies, maybe from the darkness within her heart. But she had to fight to keep him with her. She had to tell the truth and come clean and confess all her secrets, knowing that he would find a way to forgive her. In a way, he was very godlike. And he trusted her in a way no other man ever had.

Pushing herself closer to him, she gently rocked his shoulder, pulling him away from his dreams. He groaned, turning to face her, taking a while before opening his eyes. Studying her face, taking in the sounds of her slow breathing, listening to the crows chit-chatting in the dark, he reached out to push a black and white lock of hair from her cheek. "What's wrong, mama?" he asked, but she only smiled, placing a hand upon his scarred chest. "I love you," she whispered, wanting to tell him everything her mind was spinning around, but settling on those three words. He kissed her lips gently, letting his hand settle on her waist. "I love you too."

Maybe someday she would be a better person, maybe someday the darkness would stop following her. In the calm of his arms, she felt herself smile as he kissed her neck. And as the night faded and the crows fell silent, she felt safe to fall asleep in Nero's arms. Knowing that whatever ghost would haunt her dreams, would be forgotten in his morning kiss.